Saturday, August 9, 2014

Who Do I Work For?

In the past few months I have really been challenged and encouraged by the writings of Sarah, hearing Andrew Kern at a local homeschool convention + his podcasts, this webinar on restful learning, and also from all the goodness at Schole Sisters.

There are TONS of good ideas and soul reorientation happening as a result of pondering all the truth, beauty and goodness that these writers/speakers have offered.  I am literally feasting on all of it day in and day out when I cook, when I walk, when I drive, and when I fold laundry.  I learn best through fully immersing myself in a subject until the content feels as if it is a part of me.  There have been so many "aha!" moments and realizations and although I don't know how it will influence the practical in my mothering and homeschooling, I know that it will.  That's what meditating on Truth changes you. Change begins in the thoughts and in the spirit and then influences the actions.

One truth that has subtly influenced the way I view my day, my plan, my iPhone usage, and my priorities, is the truth that I work for God. This would seem rather obvious, but for me, somehow it hasn't been.  I honestly think that I have been working for my children, working for my ideals, working for what I deem is "good and right", or just working for no one...the thought being that "I have no boss". All of those are terrible motivators and have set me up for disillusionment, rebellion, and frustration.  I have been in a place where I feel like in my spirit I have thrown my hands up, raised a white flag, and have felt like "what does any of what I do each day matter?  WHO CARES?"

Somehow listening and reading and pondering, the message came to me very quietly and simply and gently:

"Aimee, you work for God.

This seemingly obvious revelation has given me deep joy and renewed PURPOSE.  Every day when I wake up, I look to Him and ask Him for my day.  How would you have me work for you today, Lord? It has lifted the seemingly mundane chores to acts of faithful service to Him.  It has curbed my iPhone addiction...because in what job would your boss want you to sit on your phone constantly? It has given me focus in spending time with children, using my time well to love others, and to use rest for meaningful activity instead of escape.

When you realize that a beautiful and loving Father has a plan and a purpose for your day, you know that doing His daily will offers peace, focus, satisfaction, joy, and meaning.  If you believe that you are checking the days off for your children, your husband, an earthly boss, friends, family, church, I believe that over time you lose hope, confuse priorities, and at its worst, walk in resentment.  We serve One Master, One King, One Father, One Lord, One Ruler who offers the weary and heavy-ladened the gift of Rest and Lightness. His yoke of work is not burdensome but easy. His tasks come from His gentleness and humility. The taskmasters of this world are demanding, pushy, unsatisfied and exhausting...He offers us another Way.

So every day now, I place my day under His authority and Lordship.  I give Him my hours and minutes, my meager gifts and abilities, my focus and return, I receive from Him peace, rest, purpose, joy, and a plan that is not overwhelming but just right. We fear that He will be the Cosmic Cowboy with a whip driving us from behind until we break down, but instead He is the Gentle Shepherd out in front leading us to green pastures and still waters and soul-restoration. Amen.


Cay Gibson said...

Valuable wisdom, aimee. God bless you for sharing.

Rain said...

Beautifully said. Thank you for sharing this perspective that I need also.

Anonymous said...

Aimee, this was so helpful. You were able to connect the dots and put to words so many of the thoughts I've had regarding the same information. I need to read your post again to let it truly sink in and work it's wonder in me. I've signed out of FB for a while to see if it slows me down and frees up space and quiet in my mind to have time to ponder and read again. There's a part that is scared to be cut off from friends and from being in the loop. But then there are blogs--where thoughts are more developed and shared! You post was perfect timing for me! Thanks for posting. You bless! Betty

Sandi said...

This really blessed me!

Fiona said...

Such a good reminder. Yes, I often do things because "it's the right thing to do" or, "this will make life easier for me later on". At church we have been reminded that we are children of God, that he has adopted us, he loves us, he has rescued us, and we are sons as Jesus is God's Son. Your reminder of working for God ties in. I need to re-focus my life on God, who loves me more than I know, and live my life under him and for him, not for a list of "good" reasons I've concocted (which usually have my selfish desires at their root). Glad you have had a rich time of learning and thinking deeply over the summer.