Friday, March 9, 2012

right now

creating: a mud kitchen of sorts so my kids can make this deliciousness

writing: snippets of thoughts and prayers and observations in my Smash Journal.  Good for my soul.

moving: beginning my final week of Couch to 5K in these new shoes.

listening: The Wailin' Jennys. Forgot how much I love them.

eating: tried two new recipes this week that I really enjoyed.  Good food makes me happy!

preparing: to plant some seeds. Every Spring brings the hope that my thumb will turn from black to green!

reading: lots of food memoirs.  Always inspiring.  And this new quarterly magazine

snuggling: Henry.  Nothing in my day is as good as this.


ginanorma said...

food memoirs huh?! interesting...

I want a Smash journal so so badly, I just learned about them the other day!

You are so domestically beautiful Aimee!!!

Stephanie Shepherd said...

I'm so enjoying getting to know you via Instagram. (And I'm printing both those recipes to try. Yum!)

contentedsparrow said...

Aimee! A blog makeover?! Lovely and clean and I love it!

Angela said...

Love the new look! I can't get enough food memoirs and am eager to add your reccommendations to my reading list. My very favorite is Animal Vegetable Miracle and I love The Dirty Life too. Fun! Dreaming on this cold day of getting seeds planted and harvesting from my own yard. Have a blessed day.

Shannon said...

love this post, and really LOVE your new header! you are such an inspiration!!!!