Friday, December 16, 2011

A Lesson from Bread

I have always feared yeast. It seems like this crazy, living ingredient that I cannot control. And I have never known what a bread recipe means when it says to use "warm water". Seriously. It sounds so ambiguous. So I skip those kinds of recipes and have been content that I just can't make bread.

Well wouldn't you know that I randomly decided to make this bread in my bread machine, and it comes out perfect every time. I couldn't believe it.  I credited my bread machine.

Then my niece came down for a visit during Thanksgiving and mentioned that she makes artisan bread. I asked her to come over to my house to teach me to make this "artisan bread in five minutes a day". I had checked that book out from the library a few years ago and it had felt too intimidating to me. After she taught me, I have successfully made beautiful free-form loaves ever since!

Two of my friends have been making sourdough bread for years. I tried it once, and again, it felt too hard. But now with my newly found success with bread-baking, I tried to make it again. Success!

So now I have three different kinds of bread that I can make and my children love it. I am told almost daily, "Mom, you make the best bread!"

I tell you this whole story to simply say, "Try, try again!" So many times we give up on learning new things whether big or small when we face failure, obstacles, or believe the lie "I just can't do this." I have learned this in SO many areas, I CAN do it...if I am willing to be humble, ask questions, fail, and try many times.

I hope that I am modeling to my children to never give up on learning new skills or believe that they can't do something. With good instruction, time, practice, most of us can learn most things.  That's really cool.


Betsy Mc said...

Yay for trying again Aimee! Welcome to the world of smelly-goodness coming straight from your oven!!

contentedsparrow said...

Yes! What does it hurt to try and try again? Nothing! I'm wondering if you think you'll still use your bread machine as much? I used to have one but got rid of it at some point and just yesterday was thinking that I might like to have one again. I do make fully-scratch bread but maybe a machine would be handy to whip out a quick loaf once in a while??

Leigh Ishee said...

I bought the artisan book earlier this year and I love it. I make the olive oil bread and use it for pizza dough.

Vanessa at Rescued Goods said...

Good reminder! I have the book but haven't made the 'artisan' bread yet. What do you use to hold your 'mother' in the fridge?

Aimee said...

vanessa: I use a 4 quart Pampered Chef pitcher!

Sara said...

That's great that you've taken the time to learn to bake bread---it's really a rewarding experience and tasty too! I love to bake bread, but I haven't made it a priority with two newborns in the house. However, a friend gave us a bread machine, and we have really enjoyed using it. I make the recipe you mentioned and have tried a couple of others as well as use it to make pizza dough. So quick and easy! I have read Artisan Bread..., but I haven't made it in a while. Thanks for the reminder. (BTW-I used a plastic ice cream bucket for my dough) Have you tried the whole grain version--Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day? I'm wondering how different it is from the white version? I've never had much luck with sourdough---maybe I need to try again.

Jennifer said...

Love it!