Thursday, August 11, 2011

This and That

I have been quiet in this space. Summer living has been full and I have been very active in doing and haven't been as contemplative as I am in other seasons. It's as if I spend the Winter and Spring pondering and figuring out what my life is to look like and Summer and Fall is spent making those dreams and ideals happen!

Most of my time is spent nesting and homeschooling. We started our learning rhythm again at the end of July (after a not-planned, last-minute trip for a week to mother-in-law passed away from cancer). Getting home from that trip and getting into a routine quickly helped us so much. I am amazed how the Lord uses the dailiness and the acts of simple routines to ground us, heal us, steady us, and move us forward in Him.

We are in the midst of a Unit Study on Native Americans. I really love learning alongside my children and my heart is amazed by the beauty, brilliance, and ingenuity of the diverse amount of Native American tribes. We start our morning with breakfast and chores...then jump into our read-aloud time. A few minutes of narration by each child followed by a bit of copywork. We read on the couches, narrate there, and the copywork helps us transition to the kitchen table. Then we read some excerpts from a non-fiction book....either about history, science, or a biographical piece. Sometimes I will turn on a background CD of Native American music and we always end our learning time with a hands-on project. We eat lunch, have "book basket" time (a basket filled with fiction and non-fiction library books on our unit study topic) and then older children have an assigned book for read-alone time.

On the nesting side of my day, I am tackling areas that have been overlooked and under-cleaned. Lots of re-organization, deep cleaning, and simple projects. I put together a gallery wall in our living room which I had been wanting to do for a long time. Old wooden frames gathered from the attic took on a fresh life with some spray paint and new photos. Every day I try to do some sort of project that will enhance our home and bring me the joy that daily creativity offers...whether that is baking some muffins, cleaning out a drawer, organizing a space, or making something.

Just nine weeks until this sweet little newborn son is born. I truly couldn't be happier about that. Oh the smell and sweetness of a new little one...that time is so special and moves by so fast that I want to enjoy every minute of it! Until then, I will busy myself as the mama bird does...adding bits of beauty to my nest, feathering it for comfort, and when the time comes, sit and wait for the wee one to come.

How blessed I am to be in this stage of life. I need not wish it away. It is full and alive and I want to be thankful for and seize every moment!


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

Lovely photos! What a warm and inviting space you have!

Ali said...

Sorry to hear about your families' loss. Sounds like you and your kids are in a great routine...sounds beautiful! Impressed with all the creative things your are getting done! Enjoy these 9 weeks till baby arrives!

~ Ali

Anonymous said...

Boo! It's me!

It was so good to see you and your daughter at the meeting the other night. I'm sorry we did not get to visit. Hopefully soon!

Take care,
Rebecca ;)

Clare said...

Sorry to hear of your loss Aimee xx

I loved seeing the photos of your creations. I agree with Michelle, what a lovely warm and inviting home you must have!

Bonita said...

You are in such a beautiful stage of life and I'm so glad you understand that and milk it for all it's worth. Love looking at the pictures of your beautiful home!

Susan said...

I love your attitude and spirit in this post, Aimee! Your learning days sound lovely--I'd love to join you! And your house is sweet. :-)

rosy mama said...

Loved reading your writing this morning Aimee - beautiful posts that affirm embracing THIS season. Love that! Thank you for sharing. with blessings from the other side of the world in Australia :)