Friday, August 12, 2011

On My Kitchen Counter

Two purchases just for me this week. Soulemama's newest book...and a vintage Champion juicer from the thrift store for $15.

The book has a recipe for Berry Muffins...and they just made their grand entrance out of my oven. Dense and delicious. And filled with big, beautiful local blueberries.

And with the juicer, I am about to test it out by using some organic frozen berries to make myself a refreshing afternoon sorbet.

What lovely ingredients are sitting on your counter today?


Rachel Hauser said...

I just got that book too. Haven't had a chance to get cozy with it yet. Maybe tonight!

contentedsparrow said...

Good find! Hope your smoothie was yum! I have all kinds of citrus on my counter waiting to be used for a roasted chicken tonight.....roasted in my favorite birthday present, a honey yellow cast iron dutch oven! Also, little potatoes and carrots pulled from the garden, eggs still warm from the ladies.
Much love, girl!

Leslie said...

Berry Muffins sound delightful, could I use blackberries? I have a picture that I posted on Facebook yesterday; all the ingredients for Fried Zucchini. It's one of my favorite ways to eat zucchini, just not very often. :)

kristinwithani said...

I just made tomato pie and peach cobbler. Both tomatoes and peaches a combo of my friend's grandparents' garden in Pinehurst and a trip to the NC Farmers' Market earlier this week. So, so good.

Of course there was a significant amount of butter involved as well.

Oh, fresh basil from a big ol plant at the office!

Since I am not around in the summer, I'm so thankful for gardening friends who share the wealth.

Susan said...

The cover of that book is so pretty! And the blueberry muffins sound delicious. How does that juicer work? What a great deal you found! Fun.

debbie bailey said...

Paint cans. Doing a kitchen redo.

Michelle Richards said...

Do you just love that book? I've loved her other two, and have the third on reserve at the library. I can't wait to read it!