Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love Makes

That was one of the themes this past weekend at the Image of the Maker Retreat.

Love Makes.

I really wrestled with that. In the past when my making doesn't seem to be received by others as love, then my heart has gotten easily bruised. Receiving enough bruises makes you not want to give, not want to risk, not want to make love to others. Just keep the making for oneself. Create quietly, guarded, measured. Buy a gift card.

I wept this past weekend in front of my small group of women. Deep tears that pushed their way to the surface despite my best attempts to keep them bottled and hidden. How do you keep making--keep loving-- when you feel as if your making is dismissed, ignored, rejected? This was the question I was wrestling with...when the gifts go seemingly unnoticed, aren't I supposed to stop making?

Jesus gently brought to my mind that there is suffering in giving being the Lover-spurned. He reminded me that His daily gifts to me often go unseen, rejected, overlooked, and set-aside. How often do I mumble and complain that I wish He had given me something different or thought that His Design was flawed?

How does ingratitude for His gifts wound the Master Artist's heart?

He makes beautiful things for me daily and yet I choose not to see, to acknowledge, to thank. All things He makes are handmade and heartmade! Yet, do I thank? Oh, I was so humbled.

It seems to me that it is not wrong to desire gratitude from others...He desires gratitude from us...why would we be any different since we are made in His image? Yet our rejection and apathy towards His abundant gifts never causes Jesus to stop making, to stop giving, to stop loving us through His creativity. His gifts are faithful despite our fickle responses.

He cannot help but to love therefore He cannot help but to make....and all that He makes, He gives.

So must I.

I will keep making for others. I will keep loving others through my creativity. I will keep giving.

And I now see His daily gifts with greater humility, greater gratitude, and a deeper recognition of His generous, creative love.

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Missy K said...

Aimee-- this is so good, and so brave. Thanks for this post, from another girl who has often felt unseen in her making and giving.

Donna Lynn Grace said...

This is really powerful and a gentle but firm reminder that I really needed. Thank you. I have been swallowed up by a battered and bruised heart and your post brought me back to the One who knows all too well what that means but never stops loving. Good stuff.

Clare said...

Wow Aimee, that is the 2nd time I have had this message given to me today. Your circumstances are different but the themes of rejection and putting up barriers are the same. We had a prophetic minister come to guest at our women's meeting this morning and he was prophesying for the group as a whole but as he walked past the table where I was sitting he described the issues I've been having with my marriage so accurately and called us all to release our fear and anxiety to Jesus. I was completely stunned and now I turn on my computer and find your message reminding me again. Our God is Great!
And your creative words are so appreciated. May you feel the love of Jesus and know that he is there with you always xx

Andrea said...

oh sweet Aimee. I love your heart. And you know I have also been hurt in this way. But remember, we give *because* of Him--out of obedience, not wanting *anything* in return. Because that is what He did and does. I have found because I am such a *feeling* person that I immediately *do* based on feelings. It is there where I have to go to Him and ask Him, "Lord, am I supposed to {make that meal, give a heartfelt gift, call that person}. It seems that that would be the natural Godly thing to do...but maybe not. I am learning to go to Him and asking Him *first* before I give. It keeps my emotions and expectations in check. I love you!

Trish D said...

Thank you so much for this encouragement - the reminder that we're called to share the gifts we're given, without expectations. I really needed to be reminded of this today.

Rachel Hauser said...

Thank-you, Aimee. This is challenging stuff. I have never thought of the world as something God "made" for me. Like a crafty gift. Thinking on that.

Anonymous said...

How profound. It caused me to stop and reflect. What you say is true. There are many times that I want to self-protect and not put myself "out there", not wanting give that which I create, but also that which He has created in me. I don't want to be hospitable because I might be rejected. I don't want to offer my creativity, suggestion, help, etc. because maybe someone will say "no, thank you and my feelings will be hurt." If He is to be my true example, and I am to strive to live like Him, how can I be so selfish? Isn't that what faith is about? Everytime I make an offering, it pleases Him. It may not be accepted by others. But He looks deep into my heart and He is pleased. ~Kacy

ProjectGirl said...

Christ is our template....and as a Christian He lives His life in us!

Christ was certainly rejected...and he did nothing in order to receive recognition...He did goodness because HE IS goodness...and that is how a true Christian must strive to be.

It says in the Bible that when we share in His suffering we are blessed.

"And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with [him], that we may be also glorified together."
Romans 8:17

I too am learning that it is all about a strong faith and our attitude.

ruthidejong said...

oh Aimee ~ this is so good... so well said and such a wonderful reminder. Thank you!!

debbie bailey said...

I REALLY needed to hear this as my heart is bruised at the moment. I need to get the focus off myself and on Jesus, who should be the reason I do what I do. But alas, it's usually about me. I'm learning....