Monday, May 9, 2011

Puttering Along

planting some herbs in pots

I find myself "puttering" a lot these days...don't you just love the word puttering?

Cambridge dictionary defines puttering: "to move about without hurrying and in a relaxed and pleasant way."

That is certainly the way I love to spend my time in my home. Quietly moving up here and there...thinking on good things...sprucing up corners...starting new projects...allowing myself to be led by my instincts and desires and less by the "list".

hanging up ferns, flat parsley in pots, gerbera daisies in mason jars

It's just too easy to blow quickly through life without thought, without intention, without slow. We need to give ourselves the gift of time and slow and puttering so that we can enjoy our daily work, pray, ponder, allow creative ideas to cultivate, or simply let our minds get clear and lie fallow for a bit.

the knitted beginnings of a baby surprise jacket

These days of growing a baby can leave my emotions a bit frayed and easily bruised...I have found that making pockets of time to putter give me moments to find peace, to heal, to calm. To center myself and not hurt those that I love with rash words or tones. To give myself some space and to allow my hands to create small spots of order and beauty...these quotidian household movements help me be healthy.

How about you?

Do you give yourself permission to putter?

Do you create small pockets of puttering in your day?


Kathy said...

Your BSJ is coming along beautifully! I have a very busy May and first week of June ahead of me, but after that, one of the things I'm very much looking forward to is time to putter and be led less by the "to do list" and more by the moment. Thanks for the reminder of the importance and value in that.

Andrea said...

I love to putter! It's one of my most favorite things to do! I love how you've expressed it here. It gives me so much peace and contentedness to putter.

Happy Lappy said...

I love puttering, it makes me happy! I just adore the way you look at life. I am so thankful to see life through you, it reminds me of the simple things that we should all strive after.Happy Birthday by the way!

Jen said...

what a timely reminder to putter.

I have been frazzled, not so nice to my family and on the verge of tears the last several days.

Yes puttering makes me happy.

I work outside the home now and finding this time is very difficult...but on occasion I sneak home at lunch (I work a mile from home) and putter away and it brings me so much joy and peace and just makes me happy to have some time to just be and time to do these things and be filled. Then I can be present when everyone else is home. But I am guilty, and some days I won't let myself be pulled from work to do that.

Happy Baby growing!

contented sparrow said...

sometimes i feel like all i do is putter! i'll putter out to the garden ad pull a few weeds, i'll putter around the house picking things up here and there, i'll putter over to the fabric stacks, pull a couple out and then put them back again, i'll stand in the kitchen and stare into the cupboards (that's puttering, right?) and, yes, it is an adorable word. wish i could putter around on your porch right about now, sipping some sweet tea, and deciding what to putter off to next. :)

Charity Singleton said...

I love to putter, but I rarely leave enough margin in my life to do it. Instead, I rush, I hurry, I miss things. Somehow, I need to regain some putter time.

donna rae said...

I've never looked up the definition... I love it that you did! " a relaxed and pleasant way" describes exactly how I putter, soothing myself with little touches about the home, taking in the beauty of simple gatherings of treasures. Thank you for the sweet post!

Bonita said...

I can't say that I do much puttering though I like the thought. Most of what I do these days, since I run a business, has to very intentional. I guess I puttered on Mother's Day, though. Or maybe I just sat on the couch and gave orders like a queen while everyone waited on me. Does that count as puttering? haha

Lynn B said...

Yes! I love to putter and don't do it often enough. I think of my mother; she is an extraordinary putter-er. :) This post made me happy.

Anonymous said...
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debbie bailey said...

I'm an expert putterer! During the summers, I try to raise puttering to a whole new level.