Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Boys' Summer Wardrobe

I have been contemplating how to make my young boys' summer uniforms simple. Summertime is so hot here and the weather gets so humid, that cotton t-shirts and shorts seem to be the most logical. Yet I do get tired of screen-printed characters and boring stripes that seem to be the only choices in most stores.

I was re-perusing The Creative Family this morning and found the solution for my boy-clothing dilemma:

I plan on buying each boy a package of plain Hanes white t-shirts and paint each one with a colorful silhouette of something that they love (I am sure that will include frogs, lizards, snakes or other creepy things!)

Add to that some inexpensive solid-colored knit shorts and I think we are set for summer!


Leigh Ishee said...

I love this idea Aimee - I need to make some for myself. So cute!

Heather said...

What a fantastic idea! Wonder if this is a tricky thing or not.... hmmm.

Shelley in SC said...

Ooooh, love this idea!! It is perfect for tailoring the picture to what that particular child enjoys. Great idea.