Sunday, April 3, 2011

Books to Re-read

Do you have books that you read regularly? Yearly? Again and Again?

I have some books that seem to be like dear friends...I always return to those that inspire, encourage, and build me up in the vision of home and family.

Here is my growing list:

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss

For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

For the Family's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer

Margin by Dr. Richard Swenson

A Mother's Heart by Jean Fleming

Living More With Less by Doris Janzen Longacre

Mitten Strings for God by Katrina Kenison

Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Do share what books that you find yourself drawn to again and again in your mothering and homemaking journey?


Elaine said...

what a lovely list - some I know and love and some for me to look up!

I first read 'Gift from the Sea' when staying in a sea side villa in the States and it always takes me back to that happy time.

You asked for other re-reads: mine would include 'Keeping House' by Margaret Kim Peterson, and 'Mere Christianity' by CS Lewis. Both of these counteract my tendency to descend into a morass of alternatives and remind me of what I think is fundamentally important.

Off to check out your list on Amazon as I have a birthday coming up!

Andrea said...

Ahh. Great minds think alike. I always love to re-read Stepping Heavenward, For the Children's Sake, Mere Christianity (like Elaine) and the Hidden Art of Homemaking. I also have a book by Karey Swan called Hearth and Home that I love to read through again and again.

Ashley said...

I also agree with Mere Christianity. And I love Let Me Be A Woman & The Shaping of a Christian Family, both by Elisabeth Elliot. Oh, and I'm on my 3rd year of reading through My Utmost for His Highest. Love the little bits of wisdom each day!

Deb said...

Most of those are on my list, too--which means I just *have to* check out the ones I haven't read yet. I suspect I'll be adding them to my list as well :)

iola said...

I re-read very very few books except for my Bible, and that I read daily ..but I picked up a book I bought several years ago by Kate McVeigh, called The Blessing of Favor, and I am reading it again...Maybe it is because of everything we have been going through (economically) but I am so drawn and uplifted by it that I think I will even read it a third time.
There are other books I have thought about reading again, but there are always so many I have yet to read...

iola said...

Oops I forgot to mention a devotional that I am reading for the second year in a row..God Calling..a small book that has truly blessed and uplifted me.

Rachel Hauser said...

I really enjoyed Mitten Strings for God as well!

Jennifer said...

Have you read Katrina Kenison's "Gift of an Ordinary Day"? I just finished a re-read last night.

Candace said...

I don't know if I have commented before, but I love your blog. :) and reading is one of my favorite things, so I thought I would jump in here today! My favorites are...

Grace based parenting
Stepping heavenward
Real Learning by Elizabeth Foss
Loving our kids on purpose
Waiting on God by Andrew Murray

Lynn B said...

Simplicity Parenting is always a good reread... also I have a feeling One Thousand Gifts will be on my list too :)

Angela said...

Love Katrina Kenison's books and have re-read them. I also just read Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and know I will pick that one up again each year too - so inspirational for living locally and simply.