Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quilt Inspiration

When I sew, I usually like quick projects. I like seeing the start-to-finish process come together in just a few a life that has little "closure", completed sewing projects just makes me feel good. So quilting just usually isn't my thing.

I have made small quilted items like a few table runners and my Quilted List Taker. I have a completed baby quilt too. Right now I have a Colorbrick Quilt top that is now basted with pins, batting and backing...just waiting on me to receive a walking foot in order to quilt it.

The quilting process is not a quick one though. Fabric choices, layout, piecing, basting, quilting, takes a while. I have to really really love the fabric and the pattern in order for me to get inspired enough to tackle that kind of project.

It just so happened that I ran across two different quilt tutorials that caught my eye and made me get really excited. And the fabric choices for both of these were so much fun...pre-cut strips in what is called a "Jelly Roll" of all kinds of beautiful fabrics from a single collection.

For the Birdie Stitches Quilt, I am using the exact same fabrics as the designer is...Moda Sunkissed...I love all those happy Springtime colors!

For the Postage Stamp Quilt, I am using the Moda Bliss Jelly Roll....I have loved these fabrics ever since they came out and have been dying to do something with them!

Oh wow, I feel like I have entered Fabric Heaven!

What big creative projects are you being inspired by?


Elaine said...

Gracious, what lovely fabrics and designs! That postage stamp quilt is beautiful - I think partly because is design is so simple it lets you see the fabrics.

I've just started a jellyroll quilt myself based on the tutorial here: I'm finding it comes together really quickly because of all the time saved in cutting.You can also see this design at

There are so many lovely quilts and quilting blogs out there, that they can be a real thief of time if I'm not careful. Thanks for the reminder of the importance of being good stewards of our time in this area. Happy quilting!

Aimee said...

That is GORGEOUS!! Really really pretty. I agree with you on the quilting blogs...I have to keep in check of how they influence my time and my money-spending.

Shelley in SC said...

I'm not a big quilt person, but these fabrics and the designs you are using are gorgeous!! Really, really, really love the fabrics. Please show your progress!!

Ali said...

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~ Ali

Rachel Hauser said...

Glad to hear that you have your sewing mojo right now! I'm a little buried in quilting over here. I found out today that I have to make a twin sized one and a nice pattern by the end of the month. Ordering supplies now and praying for grace!

Patty@sewingseeds said...

Your projects look like so much fun. I've yet to use a jellyroll for a quilt so I'll be anxious to see how yours turns out!

~nanashouse~ said...

I am new to your blog. Can't even remember how I found you but I love it! You inspire me :-)