Friday, November 12, 2010

I Love Blogs (and the women behind them!)

You know I go through seasons when I need to "unplug" and not spend as much time online. I get overstimulated or over-inspired or get a general sense of mind-distraction from being truly present in my home. But you know what? When it's all said and done, I really do love blogs. Rather, the women behind the blogs!

Let's be honest. I get lonely and need the encouragement of other women to keep going, keep mothering, keep loving, keep cooking, keep serving, keep praying, keep reading the Word, keep looking at Jesus, keep being creative. I love the beauty and the faith and the life that I find in other women's struggles, triumphs, creativity, ideas, and pursuits.

I was feeling rather blue this morning and in a heart-place of feeling like no one really gets me...that weird feeling of being misunderstood or alone or whatever. Then I popped online and read the heart of my dear friend Andrea and it was as if I was sitting with a kindred spirit, hearing her heart, valuing it, and comforted by our similar ideals. I had just been wrestling with thoughts that maybe I make too big a deal about the importance of homemaking and creating an environment of beauty and life and peace and joy...but as I looked around, I was made strong again.

Thank you lovely blog-women for being a part of my journey. Using your words and perspectives and ponderings have lifted and strengthened so many. Your voice matters. My life has been forever challenged and changed by the thoughts and ideas and creativity that I have experienced in this virtual-yet-real world for the past 5 years.

I am just happy and humbled to be here.


Andrea said...

me too. happy and humbled. and so glad to have met *you*! dear aimee.

Sarah said...

Well said, Aimee. YOUR blog is one that constantly encourages me. Thank you for blogging!

billi said...

So true!! And you, too, are an inspiration

Ann Kroeker said...

Love this--blogging women talking back and forth, whether in comment or post-to-post inspiring one another.

You are a gift.

So is Andrea.

And so, so many others!

tonia said...

amen, sister!

you are one of those who bless me, aimee. thanks for sharing your lovely light online.