Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seasons of Domesticity

I think when we begin to really invest our lives in the domestic arts, we realize that the creative outlets offered by "home" are limitless. It gets very exciting...and inspirational...and at times, overwhelming. Oh the choices!

Painting (walls, furniture, porches, decor, etc)
Sewing (pillows, quilts, curtains, toys, clothes, totes etc)
Making your own...cleaners, soaps, candles, body care

This list of possibilities could go on and on!

The home is an amazing place to be and to do.

I get passionate about the domestic life...creating beauty in the everyday is thrilling and gives us a practical platform for worship of the Lord and service to others. I have found that I must take care in realizing that I cannot do all these things at once.

There are seasons in our domesticity just as the seasons of the year:

My Spring is focused on deep cleaning, re-ordering, decorating, painting and gardening. The windows and doors are opened to warm breezes...the broom and dust-cloths are my daily companions. Stealing time away at thrift stores is a weekly treat. Seeds are planted, weeds are pulled, and I feel alive with all the energy the happy sun brings.

My Summer is a continuation of that, albeit slower, along with lots of cooking and time in the kitchen. All the fresh produce begs to be savored and rejoiced over! And the beautiful berries and cherries! To waste away summer in a hammock with bowls of sweet fruit surrounding me...heaven! This is time we vacation, celebrate birthdays, and camp. My favorite season of all.

My Fall is spent focused on creating daily learning and creative rhythms with my children, sewing, baking, and preparing/decorating for the holidays. Everything orange and gold and brown appeals to me...and pumpkin recipes reign on my menus. I always feel a bit melancholy because I am sad to see my sunny days get shorter and shorter.

My Winter is spent knitting, dreaming, reading, journaling, watching movies, putting meals in the Slow Cooker...a quiet hibernation. I used to despise winter, but now I have found it to be an agreeable friend. A season to turn inward, to contemplate, to meditate after a full year of domestic-busy and doing.

Sometimes I get trapped in thinking I need to be pursuing all of my interests all of the time. There simply is NOT enough hours in a day for this. I am not one to micro-manage every hour of my day to "fit everything in". I like to savor my days slowly and allow them to unfold gently. I keep a morning rhythm but allow the rest of my day to be influenced by the season...which for now means chopping and freezing peppers, munching on berries with my kids, preparing delicious marinades for grilling, making baby food, and sprucing up the master bedroom. My yarns are put away, the sewing machine is quiet, and the house is light with minimal decoration.

Here's to savoring the seasons in our homes...and not over-burdening our domestic-selves with unrealistic expectations. Enjoy the quarterly changes and rest knowing that where we are now is not where we will always be.


stitchedincolor said...

What a beautiful post. I can't say I have seasons to my domesticity, but the idea sounds right and I love your ideas. Summer for me is a season of planning... for homeschool. I keep sewing instead of doing that planning lately...

gina said...

You are on a roll, Amy. Great post. Keep 'em coming!

Deb said...

Summer is yard sale time for me. I declutter and purge. Tomorrow I'm actually having a sale.

Andrea said...

What a great post, Aimee!!
i love how you separated your domestic "duties" within the mind likes that!!!

Shelley in SC said...

What wise thoughts! I frustrate myself on a daily basis trying to do it all at once. Good food for thought. You are inspiring.

Hill upon Hill said...

I love Winter and get sad when it ends! But God in His wisdom has given us the seasons to appreciate the difference. Even here in the heat, the evening smell of BBQs and children playing in the late evening is great as well.

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

*Sigh*...I feel lovely now after reading your beautiful post! Wise words gratefully received. :)

Thank you for visiting my blog...I am enjoying my visit here, it's so restful and inspiring too! :)

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Isn't homemaking wonderful - like you wrote, so many possibilities, so much to learn, and so rewarding. And the seasonal shifts just add to its joys.
Warm wishes, Tonya

Charity Singleton said...

Well said. I keep coming back to the metaphor of seasons and find that this natural order of things is just ingrained deep in our souls. You've reached in and applied it well.

Bonita said...

This post ministers to me so much! Sometimes I have trouble with the changing seasons and always feel as though I'm playing catch up. I'm going to print this post and re-read it often to remind myself that to everything there is a season. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if you could share your marinades. Donna

Tracey Monroe said...

I agree, this is a beautiful post. Your writing is so eloquent. I love this line: "I like to savor my days slowly and allow them to unfold gently." I want that thought to penetrate and become the way I embrace my days too. This is very edifying!