Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 1: Buy Nothing

Within two hours of posting yesterday, I was mentally bombarded four different times with things I wanted to go buy.

Walked onto the back porch: "I need to go buy fresh rugs for this porch".

Took a web detour through Amazon: "Man I really need to place an order for more books."

And you know what? I can't even remember the other two. I DO remember how shocked I was that my mind went to purchasing new things exactly 4 times in 2 hours. I would have never been aware of that unless I was on this buying freeze.

Where are all of these consumptive thoughts coming from? And did you notice that I used the word "need" twice? Where did I get the idea that I need these things...because I really don't need them, I just really want them.

This buy nothing thing is a great experiment because it really shows me how much I think about stuff and acquiring stuff. Very eye-opening.

So this morning I have spent lots of time decluttering my master closet of clothes and shoes. I actually think I could go back in there and cull even more. This post really inspires me to keep my wardrobe with only items that are quality, versatile and simple. How liberating!

Then I went through my kitchen and got rid of any excess...bowls, unused items, aprons, small appliances and decorative trinkets. That felt SO good too!

We have two birthdays coming up and I momentarily panicked because I thought, "Oh No! I HAVE to buy them something!" But once I calmed down and thought clearly about it, I have a lovely gift that I know these two people will appreciate and love...and it's a much more thoughtful gift than what I would have purchased.

Finally, a beautiful thing happened this afternoon. I was reminded that a dear friend's little girl went home to be with Jesus two years ago today. And because I know we have extra money right now AND that it won't be going to more stuff for us, I was able to go online and purchase a cheery bouquet of flowers to be sent to their home.

I had tears in my eyes realizing that when I stop thinking about stuff and buying stuff, I really am able to love better.

And that's what it's all about.


Olivia said...

I'm just loving your blog! I think it's awesome you're doing this, and it's so true.

Prairie Chick said...

I love this. Haven't Tonia's posts of late just been AMAZING?? I love that woman. Love you too :)

Meghan said...

you're so right about how unconscious our consumerism is. i've been trying to simply buy vintage or used or handmade, trying to keep old things going longer and support small industry, but don't have the courage yet to go completely buy-free! can't wait to see how it goes for you.

THE CHETNEY 3 said...

I came across your blog a while back, and really enjoy reading your thoughts! They are so often a mirror-image of my own. Especially enjoying these last posts about stuff... ugh, isn't stuff such a burden. And isn't it liberating to have 2 wooden spoons, instead of a whole drawer full?! I need to move on to other rooms, too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and passions, and helping to spur me on in my journey too! Bless you!

laurel said...

As usual, LOVED this post, Aimee!! And you are so right, it really is about having less things so we can love more. Love the example you gave of how that is really being fleshed out in your life.

The Mangerchine's said...

Wow, this sounds so inspiring, and freeing. I really want to give it a try sometime, but now just isn't a good time for me. I know that there probably isn't ever a good time, but we're in the process of moving, so I may want a few things for the new house, plus I'm trying to keep an eye on craigslist and yard sales for baby stuff, and accumulate as much of it used, at good deals over time as I can, and I know I'll be needing new clothes soon, when my current clothes stop fitting. All that to say, I really want to try this, but in preparing for our first baby it's probably not the best timing. It's fun to live vicariously through you though.