Sunday, February 7, 2010

Easy Valentine's Gifts

I love decorating for Valentine's Day. And I really love making little things for my friends too. I have recently found some easy-peasy gift ideas and wanted to share them with you!

I got inspired by this idea a few weeks ago. I found some really nice white kitchen towels at our Publix grocery store. Then I went to A.C. Moore to stock up on felt, ribbon, and red pom-pom fringe. Later I found a heart template that I printed on cardstock. I used the two smallest hearts on the template to cut out one pink and one red heart from felt...and then used an ultra-simple running stitch to attach the pink to the red and then the red to the towel. I used my sewing machine to sew on the fringe across the bottom of the towel (I used a zipper foot which made a BIG difference and make sure the red thread is on top and that you put white thread in your bobbin!)

This afternoon I made some Brown Sugar Vanilla Scrub. I put it in recycled jelly jars and cut a round piece of fabric with pinking shears to cover the lid. Then I put a sticky-backed foam heart on top and wrote each woman's name on it with a fine-tipped sharpie marker. Other great scrub recipes here.

And sometimes the best gift of all is really good chocolate :) This past week a friend introduced to me to this dark chocolate with sea salt and it is delicious to say the least. I went and bought one for each of my friends this afternoon! Tie it with a bit of baker's twine and you have a *sweet* gift!


Hill upon Hill said...

wow, we don't get that one here, we do get the Lindt block with a touch of chilli though.

debbie bailey said...

Yeah...I just ordered a case of the sea salt chocolate from Amazon. Free shipping! It cost less than at Wal-Green. Love the stuff.

Beth said...

Thanks for the great ideas. I'll be making the body scrub this week. I needed something for my sister to tuck into the Valentine's day package I'm sending their family. This is perfect!

Mary Beth said...

Such a sweet gift, all of them. That chocolate with sea salt looks yummy!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Such darling gift ideas.

I need some of that chocolate with sea salt and I need it NOW! YUM!