Friday, October 23, 2009

Home as a B&B: The Living Room

Light and Layers.

Those two simple concepts are a good place to start when thinking about how to cozy-up your living room.

When I say light, I mean three things:
  1. Open your blinds. Let natural light come flooding in! That is one of the very first things that I do every morning as part of my routine.
  2. Reading lamps. Having adequate light to read is a must. Put a floor lamp next to a chair and smaller lamps on end tables. Overhead lighting is harsh...I never turn on the lights that are attached to our ceiling fan. Think triangle when you are setting up lighting...the lamp positioning in your room should form a triangle in order for the full space to get adequate lighting.
  3. Candlelight. It is incredible soothing and quieting to light candles in the late evening and sit and read and talk by candlelight. This ritual calms everyone down and gives a peaceful glow and warm ambiance. Some forsake candles when little ones come along but children can quickly and easily be taught to respect the flame and not to touch "mama's things". I recently put a fresh candle on my coffee orange pillar candle (clearance at Target) put in a hurricane ($2 at A.C. Moore) and surrounded the candle with acorns (free from a nature walk!). An easy and warm addition to our living room!

By layers, I am talking about giving the guests in your living room textural comfort. Add some fresh throw pillows that are a different fabric-feel than your sofa or chairs. Discount department stores like Target and Kohl's are forever putting seasonal throw pillows on sale. Start thinking towards having a collection of seasonal pillows that you can swap out from summer to winter.

I also think that the layering of throws/afghans/blankets/quilts is a wonderful way to add warmth. I love sitting down on my couch and being able to easily grab a quilt from either couch or my fuzzy fleece throw. One year I asked grandparents to give each one of my children their own monogrammed fleece each one has their very own to snuggle up under for movies or reading or cuddling. You could even place a basket in your living room that you keep a stack of rolled-up throws -- everyone can have easy-access!

Light and layers is all about creating warmth and relaxation and comfort. A place where guests feel like they are being nurtured. What is one way you can add some extra warmth to your living room this weekend?

photo by Country Living


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

We have always had a blanket basket in our living room during the winter filled with crocheted throws and my kids love it! I don't like our overhead lights either but I have never really thought about the triangle of light. Can I ask though, how and where do you store your seasonal pillows?

Jen said...

Thanks for all the great ideas. Easy, yet full of impact. I need to get more lamps...

Linda said...

I absolutely agree. You have given us such good, practical ideas.

Vaxcel said...

I love the fire place>