Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Nesting

Autumn arrived this week. Well, maybe not here in South Carolina...yet. As seasons change I am always reminded that this too shall pass. No matter what we are going through, it will end or it will's just a season. This brings hope and encouragement that life won't always be this hard or this tiring or this demanding. God doesn't break bruised reeds (Isaiah 42:3).

I realized this week that I have been feeling down. Homeschooling the children takes time and focus...and it's taken from the time and focus that I have almost exclusively given to my homemaking and creativity for the past two years as part of God's guidance to heal from burn-out. I really miss quiet days of homemaking and sewing. It's just not happening right now. And I realized that it may be not so much due to all of the children being home but being due to the fact that I have newborn. I want to find out ways to balance both homeschooling and homemaking.

I poured out my heart to the Lord in my journal the other morning about this frustration. I prayed for contentment, fresh ideas, and recognized that where I am right now with the children is where I need to be. "And yet, Lord, I want to have time and a fresh vision for my home again."

Just thirty minutes later I stumbled onto wonderful ideas to get inspired for fall! I realized that all my summer stuff is still out and wouldn't it be fun to go in the attic and find some fall decor to put out and maybe even put together a wreath for the front door? The changing of the season was a new opportunity for me to have fun, be creative, and nurture my family at the same time.

So I declare that we all need to have a Seasonal Decorating Day (or weekend!). Go buy some mums for your front porch. Make a leaf garland for your mantle. Look for fun ideas of autumnal crafts to make with your children. Put out some fresh candles. Gather goodies from nature to decorate the dinner table with. Look at decorating blogs or magazines for simple tips on adding fall elements to your home. As we decorate our homes for a new season, it's an acknowledgment that there are always new beginnings, good changes, and fresh living to be had.

I think it's brilliant that God made four distinct seasons. It keeps life exciting and from getting stale and boring.

Have fun celebrating each and every one!

photo by tessanichols


lady m said...

Dear Aimee,

The Lord is so good...that you could go to HIM to refresh and give you comfort while we get overwhelmed with our lives!

I agree with you, we need a day or a weekend or a week of just enjoying decorating and creating a nest for the coming seasons.

Here in the cottage, I went down to the cellar and dug up my autumn decorations. I enjoyed putting them around the house.

My mums are blooming beautifully and it is just grand to go out early in the morning and smell the fresh, crisp air!

Do not fret too much dear friend, He will give the direction you need to take in this season of your life.

Grace & peace to you,

lady m

debbie bailey said...

As a homeschooling mom, I'm always trying to find that precarious balance between teaching and taking care of home. I haven't found it yet but will still try.

Come fall, I take off the summer slipcovers from the couches, hang heavier curtains, replace flowery, summer pillows with plaid or tapestry ones, and plant pansies. I love dressing the house for the different seasons.

Oh, and the summer white clothes are replaced by sweaters and dark colors. That's one of my favorite things to do to welcome fall. I'm going to go fix a cup of hot chocolate right now!

The Mangerchine's said...

Isn't all of this such a reminder to enjoy exactly where we are in life right now... because the seasons change so quickly and we will soon be in the next, which is neither better or worse, just different.

Being in New Orleans I feel like fall is forever away when it is super hot here! Falll is my favorite season, smells, sights, clothes, tastes, traditions etc., and I'm just not sure how much of that I'll get to experience down here. Enjoy the changing leaves, cool breezes, and a Pumpkin Spice Latte for me.


Cave-Woman said...

I think I will try something similar in my home-------perhaps a little fall decorating with help refresh me too.

Thanks for sharing.

gina said...

aimee, i love your blog, even though i don't often comment. i have felt the same way recently. try this molasses cookie recipe with some apple cider. it's delicious, and i can personally enjoy it more this fall than last, because all of that pregnancy related heartburn is gone!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures you post are as beautiful as your posts themselves. I always feel that my spirit is quieted and refreshed after reading your blog. Thank you for sharing "slices" of your life and thoughts with us.

Hill upon Hill said...

I can empathise. I also think that God gave us four seasons for refreshment, for change and appreciation of new things.