Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holiday Preparations

If you want to begin to make gifts for others for the holidays, you really need to begin now. At least the planning, list-making, contemplating part. I had fun making a gift-giving list on Friday and feel like I have a great game plan. That plan means that I can begin purchasing the supplies that I need now while I can find them on sale. If you need a place to find some great ideas, this link and also this one will start the creative juices flowing with all of their wonderful ideas!

With these crazy economic times and the wisdom of spending with cash, it makes good sense to make some simple yet meaningful gifts. Not to mention the joy that comes with creativity and the message of care that a handmade gift brings.

And it may be also time to prep your home for the holidays...slowly but surely. Declutter old toys and clothes. Repair things. Stock up on batteries. Prepare storage/organization solutions. Give thought and care to how your home can be a place of hospitality and service during the holidays. Planning a little bit now can ensure a meaningful, stress-less holiday season where you celebrate the way you REALLY want to and not by the demands of the culture, advertising, etc.

So now I am off to continue making wellness baskets for many teachers and family...filled with these goodies, some hot teas and dark chocolate. And some library totes for children with their names embroidered on the front with a book tucked inside. Gifts that I pray will nourish and inspire.

What are your gift-giving plans this year??

photo by sleepy terry


Jennifer said...

May I suggest using whole flax seed instead of rice for your heat therapy bags? The rice tends to give off a burnt smell (even with the oils), but the flax seed does not.

The Mangerchine's said...

I try to stick to homemade gifts for our friends and family! I love to be creative and thoughtful, not to mention thrifty!

My blog that will be posted later today shows some journals that I have made this year and last year as gifts to friends from Bible studies and family members.

Last year I also made a Mangerchine Family Cookbook full of family recipes and pictures for my mother in law and sister in law for Christmas.

This year I plan on doing some bath salts, jarred soup mixes, and notecard sets for various friends and family, plus more.

I'm also making all of our Christmas cards and plan to post a picture of those on our blog later this week as well.

I guess I'm just a craft junkie and will take any excuse to make anything!


Mrs. Pivec said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for the links - esp the library tote one, because that's one thing on my "to make" list too!

It's off to the races! Ooo, I hope I get it all done!

Anonymous said...

I make handmade, unique notecards for teachers and prayer journals for friends. It's so special to see my friends using their gifts I made throughout the year. Thanks for the great ideas! --Tracye

Jessica said...

I like flax seed in rice bags as well. I made up one the other day and need to make a bunch more for holiday gifts. I'm trying to make as much as possible this year, in fact, last night I made up some calendars to give with family member's birthdays and special days on them!

Prairie Chick said...

I'm also doing the calendars with special dates, and personal photos. So excited to get started!

randi said...

This year is going to be a thrifty Christmas for us too! I am excited about getting away from the materialistic part of the holidays though. I am thinking of it as an adventure!

Clair said...

I got a box of photos from my grandma's house and plan to sort them into seven piles (one for each grandchild) and putting them in albums as gifts.

Lelia said...

Aimee. . .dearest friend whose blog I have neglected lately!! Thanks for the links. . .I have so many PLANS but nothing concrete yet. . .I need you here to help me!! I feel aimless and don't know where to start! :0 But, this blog helped, and I loved the library totes and the wellness bags. I need to make lists, like you said, to organize myself and figure out exactly what I need to be ready. I did get my sewing machine all refurbished however, and that was step #1 on my "to do" list as far as making lots of gifts this year. One thing I have actually done is put together some photo gifts through Snapfish---a collage of paintings done by the boys with Tim's dad this summer, and some notepaper for his mom with their picture on it. The collage is nice and sentimental. . .he'll love it, and the notepad is pretty and useful. . .she'll love that. I think I'll also add a wellness bag for them and then I'm done with their gifts. . .one down, LOTS more to go!