Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beauty Every Day

I've enjoyed reading this and this as I think about my priorities every day. I don't love schedules, but I do love routines and prioritizing. A life well-lived is intentional, and for me it's important to think through how I want my days to flow and feel. One of the ideas that both of these blog posts talk about is adding beauty to our lives everyday. That has always been important to me, and I have found that beauty truly breathes life into a home.

My mom is a great example of one who adds subtle beauty and touches to her environment. All throughout my childhood homes I remember her going the extra mile to make the seemingly mundane become special. The way she set our dinner table or fashioned a dress or carefully arranged home accessories always showed the importance of bringing in beauty, originality, and thoughtfulness. I learned from watching her that a little touch here and there adds so much.

A simple way to add beauty to your day is to think about your window or ledge above your kitchen sink. I have always wanted my kitchen sink to have a window above it so that I could look outside as I wash. This is the first home that we've had that has fulfilled this desire and I have so enjoyed putting small things on the window ledge that bring me everyday beauty. I like putting one of the Gerbera daisies from my garden in a small vase I bought when I lived in Eastern Europe. I have a small postcard with basil growing in dirt in someone's hand that says "Hope Blooms Every Day". I keep some sand dollars and shells there found on our trips to Holden Beach. And a few trinkets from nature walks in our neighborhood. Scripture verses on note cards find their way there as do small bottles of favorite lip balms.

These small things greet me warmly every day when I go to my kitchen sink and I love keeping that ledge dusted, cleaned, and spruced up with fresh items from around my home. It's a small space that I have claimed for encouragement and beauty in the dailiness of caring for my home.

Adding beauty doesn't have to be difficult or dramatic...small touches in thoughtful ways add so much to our lives at home. Take intentional care and interest in one small spot of your home today and add your own little sparkle to it. You will feel inspired and soul-fed and your family will feel loved and special.


Deborah said...

You are so right it is the little things that make all the difference in out lives. I just found your blog and really have enjoyed what I have read and am adding it to my blog roll if you don't mind. Blessings, Deborah

Samantha said...
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