Monday, July 14, 2008

Simple Laundry

I have actually been on top of my laundry for 2 whole weeks. And let me tell you, that is no small feat. I am good at keeping the clothes clean, but oh the piles of clean clothes that sit in my bedroom! I just haven't mastered a good system that seemed to work or a workable routine or any reminder system. But two weeks ago I stumbled upon the key for me to keep the laundry running seamlessly...and it totally may be a no-brainer for you, but it was a giant aha! moment for me.

Fold it as it comes directly out of the dryer.

I had always just take the clean clothes out, put them in a basket and tossed the basket in my bedroom. Then the clothes always got nice and wrinkled and just sat there until I "found the time" (yeah right!) to deal with them. And then the amount of clean clothes sitting there would have to multiply 4 times before it would bug me enough to deal with them.

Now that they are promptly folded when the drying cycle ends (and it takes me LESS time to fold because I am wanting to get the items that are in the washer moved there quickly), they are not as wrinkled, and I then feel motivated to just go start putting it all away. No more piles, no more stacks, no more "do I have any clean undies?"

And another tip I figured out in the midst of my recent laundry success is to loosely shake out the wet clothes from the washer as I am putting them in the dryer. Having them loosened up is actually reducing my drying time by 10 minutes! And it's helping with less wrinkles. I also use that time to make sure everything is right-side-out so when I fold it will be easier.

My last simple laundry tip is to learn the power of Biz. I got a wonderful natural cotton twill sofa and love seat from the thrift store for $100. It had some staining on the pillows and cushion covers. I allowed them to soak in Biz in my bathtub overnight and then hung them out on the clothesline. Beautiful and restored! And I have been using a small amount of it mixed with water to form a paste to pre-treat magically! And the extra bonus is that it keeps icky bleach out of my home.

Small laundry successes, but big emotional pay-off.

And now there is more time to do what I really want to sew and to swim and to snuggle away all summer.

** photo edited to one of my own laundry line taken by Sara :)


laurel said...

Thanks for the tip about the Biz. I have never heard of that before, but I too avoid clorox.
I have also started folding laundry right out of the dryer, and I agree that it helps. The only time I run into trouble is when I can't get to it right when they get dry, and sometimes have to turn it on again for a few minutes to refluff...which feels wasteful, but sometimes, that's just where I am.

Nancy said...

Hi, Aimee, thanks for this post. I was made aware of the drying as soon as it comes out method once before, but had forgotten about it and never tried it. Since reading your post a few days ago, I have been doing it and it has helped so much! Thanks for so much good advice.