Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sew Busy

So much I want to blog about and talk about but I have only so much creative time! I have been spending a lot of time lately sewing and crafting. The fabric and project addictions are in full glory and leave little time for mental musings!

I am a beginner sewer, and it has taken a long time for me to feel the small beginnings of confidence in sewing. And more importantly, I am finding that I love sewing. But like other things in my life, I have found for sewing to be fun and enjoyable then it has to be simple. And nothing is simpler than the humble dishtowel.

I am finding that there are amazingly cool things you can make from simple dishtowels. My love affair with happy dishtowels is in full bloom right now. I love that you can find them in such cute patterns, colors and they are inexpensive! Most of the time it can be cheaper to actually buy something instead of sewing it yourself. But dishtowels are a cheap fabric option with which you can make so many cute things at the fraction of the cost of buying the goods already made.

Here a few dishtowel tutorials that I have enjoyed and will pass them along to you:
  • Child's dishtowel apron. This is so unbelievably easy, cute, and fun. Perfect gift for a 8-12 year old girl with their own cookbook. This site has modified the sizes for 2-4 year old girls and I made four of these this afternoon. I am going to put a little wooden spoon in each pocket and voila! Special homemade gift for a little girl. I bought an 8-pack of Martha Stewart gingham/rick rack dishtowels for only 6 dollars at Kmart and bought the bias tape for the binding for $1 each. So each little apron is only costing me about$1.75.
  • Child's library tote. Again, bought a giant pack of Martha Stewart plaids/summer stripes for only $8. So each tote will cost me less than $1. Make a batch, put a great child's book in the bag, and you have another wonderful birthday gift for a boy or a girl.
  • Bend-The-Rules Sewing tea towel waist apron. I just bought this fabulous beginner's sewing book that has GREAT easy projects. One is to buy a dishtowel, turn it sideways, add twill tape for ties and you're done! I just found some cute dishtowels at Target...a 2-pack for $3.50. So I will have a cute new spring half apron for $2.00.
  • Sewing Machine Cover. I still use the plasticky cover that came with my little machine. This week I can just take another cute towel out of my growing stash and make this nifty little cover. That was easy!
Kmart, Target, Cost Plus World Market, and Crate and Barrel have great selections of affordable towels. You'll never walk through the kitchen section of a store the same now!

Enjoy simple sewing with simple dishtowels. It just doesn't get any easier than this.

photo by quaint homemade


Jennifer said...

Oh, gosh! Is that your workspace? It's adorable!

Thanks for the tutorials - I'm also a beginner sewer. I have the Bend the rules book - it's great - so many projects that I want to try.

Your blog looks great - I found it through Cheese in my Shoe.

Sarah Joy said...

Yes, is that your workspace??That would inspire me to sew too. Once my husband's work schedule calms down I HAVE to take some classes. I have had a sewing machine sitting for 3 years now. Brand new, NEVER used. That is probably a sin or something!

AIMEE said...

NO! That's not my workspace! Oh if only I could take credit (I put credit for the photo at the bottom of the post :) It's adorable and inspiring so I put it on here! I'll have to take a photo of my workspace and post it soon.
Hilarious, Sarah joy! Once you learn some basics you'll be off and running!

laurel said...

Wow, Aimee, you have me so inspired!! I am going to have to try some of these!

Clair said...

Sewing is fun. today I am working on some potholders for my friend's mom's birthday.

Crystal said...

Great ideas Aimee! thanks

Lelia said...

I too thought that was your little craft area in your bedroom when I first saw it, and I was stunned (and jealous!). . .:) Never even thought to look for a photo credit. Love the gift idea with the book. . .I've started giving books or comic books as b'day gifts because who's child really needs another action figure?? Love you and miss you---


I love your cute little sewing corner! Way to go...Im so glad you are enjoying it so much!

David said...

I am a blogging novice. Dont know how comments work on archives. SO fyi- I posted to comment on Glorious Sabbatical. The more I read of your stuff the more amazed I am at God. Please read the other-I cant bring myself to type it all again! :)

Amee K from indy

alatte4me2 said...

You, my friend, are very crafty! I wish I were so handy with my sewing machine. I begged and begged for one for my birthday several years ago, and have only used it a few times. (big sigh)

I like these ideas, and will have to TRY to put them in motion for gifts for a few of my friends girls. Of course I will have to see if there is a way to modify some to fit for boys too!

AIMEE said...

I begged and begged for a machine too but it took me almost 2 years to really start using it...and you know why I finally did?? All of the blog-inspiration out there! I saw EASY tutorials that motivated me to begin....and learning the easy stuff then motivated me to keep trying other stuff. I wouldn't be crafty at all right now if it weren't for the blogosphere :)


I must have missed the cute little girl aprons the first time I read this cute, my nieces would love these! :)

Melissa said...

Hi! I noticed you're a homeschooling Momma in columbia, so I wanted to say hi :)

I'm in love with that children's library tote. Think I'll have to try and whip one up myself - thanks for the inspiration!!

From Aimee Kampert said...


Did you see the comment from my wife named Aimee? She used my email address so the name "David" shows up instead of hers. I just wanted you to know she was greatly encouraged by all of your similarities. She is so much like you it's scary!! Actually kind of cool. Here is what she wrote on one of your other posts.

Just wanted to make sure you saw it...

Aimee- I have NEVER blogged or commented in all my 38 years BUT I happened upon you as I was looking for a cool apron pattern and I had to look closer because MY name is Aimee K also! Then I read your bio and had to laugh-we seem similar in many ways. Starting with the silly-our "sign",the name of our first borns,several of the same favorite movies, Irresistible Revolution, homeschooling... To the eternal-our love for our amazing Savior! I too am on a "sabbatical" from many things this year and because of this "divine e-appointment" I am going to start referring to it as GLORIOUS.
My husband and I have made it through some intensely difficult times in our 17 years- some of them similar to yours. All I can say is that He IS faithful even when we are faithless and broken-PRAISE GOD. Anyway- the coincidences were too many to ignore. Thank you for your honesty-the Lord used you for this moment in my life. SO BIZARRE. SO COOL!!! I will be praying for you Aimee K!!
AIMEE K (aka-magnoliamama)

David, Aimee K's Husband said...

Hopefully that last post made sense. My name is David and I'm Aimee Kampert's husband. Aimee, hopefully you'll read this!


AIMEE said...

Hi David and Aimee! I have been meaning to respond to you and have had a crazy busy week or so with sickness, houseguests, a bathroom remodel, and on and on!! WOW! first of all it's very cool that we have the same name :) and also that you can relate to so many of our experiences. Would love to keep in touch and hear more!