Saturday, December 1, 2007

More Simply Christmas

As I have continued to think about Christmas, I have come up with a few more "simplifying" ideas. Take what you like and leave the rest!
  • Before you bring out all the trimmings and get your tree (if you haven't already!), clean the house. Get everything in order before the chaos of decorating begins! I am putting away all my fall decor today and wiping down surfaces well, sweeping, vacuuming, etc. I am also getting all my laundry done and put away. Then we will turn on some delightful Christmas music, decorate the home, and then go get the tree last. We will then decorate the tree tomorrow afternoon. I have found that purchasing the tree and getting it up is enough for one day. We enjoy trimming the tree more when we are not tired from getting it! It's so less stressful to get the home ready and in order before will enjoy it much more.
  • Before Christmas arrives, declutter your children's rooms and closets. Get rid of pj's and clothes that no longer fit. Clear out old, broken, or non-played-with toys to make room for the new things they receive. Then when Christmas comes you will have space and a place for new items! It also allows you to see what your children's needs really are and what they are really interested in which makes for wiser shopping.
  • If you are planning to give your children a toy or arts/crafts with small parts (Legos, Knex, Polly Pockets, painting supplies, etc), buy the storage solution before Christmas! Have baskets or bins on hand so that all those small parts can be organized easily from the beginning. Our post-Christmas week has always been organizational chaos for lack of planning and it is always a shame to lose things that they just received because they didn't have an appropriate place to keep these new treasures.
  • Check out this great resource I found on-line just this morning. It's called "Simplify the Holidays" and it has many more wonderful ideas and is easy reading!
  • Also check out Flylady's holiday page for a downloadable Holiday Control Journal, recipes, ideas for new traditions, help for traveling, and clutter-free gift ideas. A wealth of great holiday tips!
Enjoy a simpler, peaceful holiday season...prioritize and the live intentionally!


Marianna said...

I refer to the New Dream pamphlet every year when I start planning. It helps me stay focused.

We did the kids room declutter and organization just this week! Sadly I threw away a whole small trash bag of JUNK. You know, the treat bag toys that are broken, cheap toys that broke etc. I vowed that they will not get any trinkets in stocking this year.

blessedmomof3 said...

These are such great tips! I especially like the one about decluttering your children's rooms, making way for space and new toys. My older boy and I did that over the weekend, and actually got rid of quite a lot. I was surprised. Now I just need to work on our other kids rooms.


Anonymous said...

The helpfulness and transparency of your sharing inspire me to share as well!

I am just navigating opening an account on Blogger!

Thank you!

randi---i have to say said...

Decluttering before the holidays is a great idea. I also do it after because after a while all of the Christmas clutter gets on my nerves. I love the holiday, but it is always nice to get back to normal after it is over!

Pieces said...

Having the storage system in place for gifts your kids are receiving is a brilliant idea!

Charity Singleton said...

Aimee -- I'm sorry I haven't stopped by in so long. As always, your ideas are fantastic. Thanks for being such a great resource.