Friday, April 13, 2007

Super Clothesline!

In my entry Spring Green, I mentioned that I have a summer goal to install a clothesline...voila!
Last night I bought a retractable clothesline and Mike hooked it up between our fence and a tree. The children and I spent the morning hanging our first batch of clean clothes. I hadn't done this in a loooonnnggg time, and it was so lovely to take this "chore" time to nurture my children not to mention our clothing.

The air was cool. We were all dancing around. We had time to talk. I instructed. They learned. We talked about the "whys". Sam wants to sell the dryer. I said "no way!" :) It was a time of togetherness and family-ness that was precious to me.

Simple living gives us the time to breathe, to take time to care, and to connect in everyday acts. Who knew that doing the laundry could be such a fun family time? It caused me to slow down, be mindful, and to live life in a fresh way. What started out as a desire to live more "green" became a pathway to sweeter relationships and a clearer soul. All that for just $14.95.


dorothy said...

I love my clothes hanging time. It's either an early morning 5 minutes alone in the morning air, or it's time for us to be out playing in the yard together that we otherwise wouldn't have taken. Enjoy your new clothesline!!

Eren said...

Oh, how wonderful! We will have a clothes line in the next house, and I can't wait. There is a group over a where everyone who has a clothes line is posting photos. And happythings has a great post with lots of clothesline type advice. Just thought I would pass it along.

L.L. Barkat said...

Yes, I remember doing this with my mother. The clothes had a wonderful smell. I put them to my face.

AIMEE said...

Thanks Dorothy! It's been great today! Katie said "I LOVE THIS!"

Eren, joined the clothesline it! Where is happythings post?? I would love to read it and can't find it!

That's sweet L.L....that's neat that you remember that...i hope Katie will too

Shropshire Girl said...

A timely post, I was sitting here feeling self pity for having to put the washing on and off the line all day today, when I was reminded that it is a blessing to have people to wash and dry clothes for!

Andrea said...

NEat AImee!
For years I have desired a clothesline, and now my husband is going to install one for me this spring and summer. I can't wait to use it!!

Mama Monk said...

Your clothesline looks great!

Apparently our neighborhood doesn't allow them in our yard. drat! I often put my wooden drying rack outside, but a clothesline would be much better. sigh.

I hope you have many days of memory-making with your kids beneath your "super clothesline!"

Pieces said...

I was just talking to the Loved about installing a clothesline. I'm just not sure how much we would use it as much as I think. Our summer is short and our trees drop all kinds of stuff in our yard. At least you found the retractable line for me--I'll probably give it a try. You make it look like so much fun!

Dac said...

Apologies, but this posting has nothing to do with clotheslines, although yours does appear to be much refreshing.

It seems as though I've have come down with a wicked case of nostalgia of late and have attempted to contact several folks from your era. Unsuccessfully, of course. Perhaps this attempt will help remedy all.

You and your children look well. I am quite impressed that you now have 4. I was only aware of 2 until this evening. I see that you are now in South Carolina, but the exact location seems to be covertly placed on your blog.

I am in Atlanta. This year makes year 8 here. I married a cousin of Andy's I met at his wedding not long after I last saw you. We have a daughter, Maura Metts, who will be 2 next month. Red hair. Blue eyes. We are hoping for more children but I doubt we will reach your tally of 4.

I trust you are happy and healthy in SC. Tell your family I said hello. You can reach me through my website The site is still a work in progress.

Rebecca said...

I LOVE your blog! I met you at the hs mom's night out and have enjoyed your inspring ideas ever since. And I must add my family LOVES your recipes! We have tried the salmon, Mexican beef and beans wraps and sesame chicken! Yummy! Keep it up girl!

Oh, and I have bought natural dish and laundry detergent! Keep up the work are making a great difference!

Thanks again!

Charity Singleton said...

I'm trying to imagine how a clothesline would work in my back yard. I love the idea that you hung clothes as a family. We did this occasionally when I was a child. But I have special memories of hanging clothes on the line to dry when I was on a missions trip in Lisbon, Portugal.

Mrs. Pivec said...

I JUST posted about clotheslines yesterday (you have to look far down in the post, but I am EXCITED!!). I love, love, LOVE hanging out clothes. It's very meditative. Your line looks pretty. There is a website that has photos of people's clotheslines. I think they are quite beautiful.

I think I would have loved your parents (from your previous post)! Was your dad not Christian when your mother was? I feel I am somewhat of a blend too, but I lean more to the left politically (yet not on ALL issues), but love my Jesus (and my bumper stickers) too.

Kristin said...

There is NOTHING like the smell of sheets just off the line. I was the laundry-doer growing up and always loved spring coming and I would wash EVERY t-shirt and hang them all on the line just so my closet would smell good. I don't think my neighborhood allows it ether. Stink! In Orlando I would put my drying rack on the porch. A little white-trashy but they smelled good!