Monday, April 16, 2007

Come to your senses

Recently I have been thinking how we are made by the Lord with distinct senses. Seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting...these are all gifts from Him. Many times in our Western Christianity we focus on worshipping Him and knowing Him solely through our minds...and yet can we come to experience even more of the beauty and goodness of God through our senses?

Isn't it interesting that when someone is blind they can usually hear and feel really well? Those senses are honed and sharpened in the absence of sight. When weak in one of the senses, the blind or deaf are very strong in another. My husband Mike has 20/20 vision and acute hearing but can hardly smell a thing. I have horrible vision, listen to music or TV very loudly, and yet my sniffer picks up any scent within 20 yards of me and am also very sensitive to textures!

All of this to say, each one of us has been given sharp senses for perceiving and understanding and enjoying our worlds. When I realized how sensitive I am to odors, I began to remove chemical-based scents (in the form of cleaners, perfumes, candles/potpourri) from my home. Most all of that stuff just gives me crazy headaches. I was lamenting the fact that I can't seem to enjoy scents except the wonderful smells of food cooking. But now I am learning about the beauty of essential oils/aromatherapy for fragrance, am headache-free, and am enjoying the intoxication of these amazing odors.

God made me to enjoy smells and now I smell deeply of lavender and am soothed. I am learning that God has made amazing scents that are all-natural and leave us feeling refreshed, invigorated, relaxed, happy, etc. I love 2 Corinthians 2 where Paul says we are "the aroma of Christ"! We spread the fragrance of the knowledge of Him. God loves smell-good stuff :)

Similarily, soft classical music allows me to worship quietly. Big Band Swing makes me thankful to be alive. And country just makes me fall in love with Mike all over again. The sounds of nature quiet my restless heart. My children's laughter gives joy. Isn't it amazing what sounds can do and that they can lead us to deeper intimacy and worship and "thank You"?

And what about our sight? We can gaze on the beauty of creation...another sunset awaits me this evening as it sets over the big beautiful lake. And I will respond, "thank You for your grandeur".

And touch? I will hold my chubby baby's hand and rub his head and say, "thank you Jesus for big gifts in small packages".

And I can't wait to taste some delicious fondue tomorrow night with some dear friends that are getting ready to head out on new adventures. That will move me again to say "thank you Lord for true friends".

Let's meet Jesus in a fresh way through our senses. Worship through seeing new art (maybe your child's drawing!), listening to some fresh tunes, sniffing some hot tea or an aromatherapy candle, touching someone through a big bear hug, or tasting a ripened strawberry. These are all natural gifts from Him by which we can return thanks to Him.

Enjoy sensing His presence today.


Mama Monk said...

i enjoyed reading your words this morning. It reminded me of yesterday during my son's first birthday party. I could smell pancakes cookies, hot, spicy chai bubbling, birds outside was a lovely mixture that lingers with me still today. I agree that it is often awareness of our senses that awakens our hearts to God, that lifts up our hearts to absorb something new from HIM, to give thanks.
Bless you, today!

L.L. Barkat said...

And somehow, perhaps, it is through the experience of all five senses that we even BEGIN to glimpse the richness of the many sides of God. I like the idea that the physical senses lead us into worship, if we let them.

(Right now, I am enjoying the sticky fragrance of pine sap, which I accidentally transferred to my fingers while picking apart a cone to inspect it!)

Mama J said...

Hey, Girl...really enjoyed this blog. Such good insight...He made us to be whole i.e. not fragmented. Physical limitations are not really a lack of wholeness because He has compensated for them. When we understand with what you are understanding we reach a new level of wholeness and relationship with Him. Cool, huh?

Terri Reed said...

Love your blog. So inspiring, I will visit often. I am a Texas, almost 50 mother to 6, the 4th who will graduate this May. Love your book list. Ragamuffin my all time favorite. When I struggle with God's Grace, I pick it up again. treed

Mrs. Pivec said...

A nice post! I have often thought about our senses and, in particular, give thanks for taste. I know that God could have given us manna in order to survive, but the incredible variety of what He has given to us is staggering! I am amazed how many ways just one food can be prepared and/or used as an ingredient in so many other things. The uses of wheat, corn, the peanut, and soy, to mention a few, are SO many. Truly He is such an enjoyable God of limitless wonder, creativity, and variety!

Mrs. Pivec said...

I know I already commented here, but Happy May Day, Aimee. Just wanted to pass along some springtime blessings.

Oh, and I ordered my clotheline this past weekend and it should be here sometime next week. Whoopee!! :)

L.L. Barkat said...

I'm guessing you've been outside in this beautiful weather, coming to your senses? :) Missing you and your posts.

Anonymous said...

I keep popping in Aimee each day to read your next post, hope all is well with you and your family. Missing you and your posts too!!

Mama Monk said...

Come out, come out, whereever you are! I miss your posts, too.:)

Somerset Spa Girl said...

I think the idea that you can experience Jesus through the little things in life is really interesting, and it's quite a refreshing way to look at things!