Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Poor Among Us

"If you are chosen in the heart of God,
you have eyes to see the chosenness of others"

"Where are the men, women and children who are waiting for us to reach out to them? Poverty in all its forms, physical, intellectual, and emotional, is not decreasing. To the contrary, the poor are everywhere around us and beyond--more than ever. As the powers of darkness show their hideous intentions with increasing crudeness, the weeping of the poor becomes louder and louder and their misery more and more visible. We who yearn for peace must strive to keep listening and to keep looking. We must not run away from this painful sight."

We must "trust that God gives us what we need to truly care for the poor that are given to us. We choose to trust that we will have the financial, emotional, and physical support we need, when we need it, and to the degree that we need it. I am convinced that we are people who are ready to help with money, time and talent. But we are often afraid to enter into the chaos surrounding situations of poverty, and we will remain paralyzed unless we dare to take new risks. If we need to have all our bases covered before we move into action, then nothing exciting ever happens, but if we dare to take a few crazy risks because God asks us to do so, many doors that we didn't even know existed open before us."

These are quotes from "Finding My Way Home" by Henri J.M. Nouwen

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Erin said...

Matt had a moment this past week. We got to church early so he could practice with the band. They practiced the night before so they didn't need to do much. His two friends showed up early. They had walked. On their way to chuch they came across a bum sleeping under the overpass. Telling Matt about it, they decided to go ask him if he wanted to come to church. We had coffee and muffins so they could offer him food also. I almost didn't let him go (because of fear) but then said okay. The fact that they wanted to go was a blessing. He didn't come back with them but these 3 teenage boys reached out of their comfort zones to approach one of the least of these. PTL!