Thursday, February 1, 2007

A Breath of Fresh Air

That is what I want my writing to be. A place for me and others to feel encouraged, to breathe deeply of life, and to know freedom in the journey. To not be burdensome. To lift spirits. To offer life. My favorite Scripture is Jesus' invitation to come to Him for rest for our souls. Not to make me weary, heavy laden, or guilty. But He offers gentleness, graciousness, lightness, and ease.
My journey has been one of much burden and guilt and I am learning to lay all of that down at His feet and receive redemption. Instead of trying to offer Him my version of personal holiness, I am asking Him to redeem and set free all of me. And all of me then wants to offer all of Him my worship, love, and life. More and more I come to a place of brokenness, dependence and desperation. Then the mercy and kindness of Jesus has room in my heart to heal, fill, and calm.

I have lots of passions that I look forward to talking about. The journey into natural living. It is affecting all areas of my life and it is so freeing and simple. The journey into being a wife who is a joy and crown to Mike and not a drippy faucet! The journey of motherhood from birthing to nurturing to teaching to empowering these 4 precious lives. The journey of spiritual freedom from religious bondage. The journey of friendships. The journey of homemaking. The journey of being creative. The journey of becoming all that Jesus has made me to be!


Mama J said...

Hey, Bleench! I love your "blog" have such writing talent - and content -hint! hint!:)

I'm not sure about all of this blog stuff but I am willing to learn...HELP!!

I sure love you, MOM

Janel said...

I see a great start! I look forward to future posts.